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Designing the school for civil society

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Fall 2011 
Short conversations with various international development faculty, community engaged faculty and students; early conversations with university partners

December 2011
Envisioning a School for Civil Society dialogue held with 25 campus stakeholders from across colleges to encourage critical and rich discussion about opportunities and obstacles in the University responding to ideas around civil society.

January 2012
The campus wide Dialogue on Civil Society challenged just under 100 participants to re-envision undergraduate education, to identify knowledge and skills needed by  civil society organizations, and to move to meet both local and global challenges.  Speakers included President Alastair Summerlee, Paul Davidson (AUCC), and Dr. Budd Hall, Secretary to the Global Alliance on Community-Engaged Research and holder of the UNESCO Chair in Community-Based Research and Social Responsibility in Higher Education.

February 2012
Catalyst Team engaged: small group of campus leaders with expertise in engagement, international development and planning, design further strategies and process, and elicit support from additional stakeholders. Key methods for eliciting stakeholder input, scans, reviews and vision for new pedagogy, international development, community engagement developed.

March-June 2012
Additional convenors to host conversations and provide input in a variety of areas engaged. Website developed to engage stakeholders beyond convening working groups.

Key individuals are meeting with the Catalyst Team to provide their own vision for what a school might look like – including University PresidentAlastair Summerlee and other administrators, the UNESCO Chairs on Community-based Research and Social Responsibility of Higher Education Rajesh Tandon and Budd Hall, the Mayor of Guelph Karen Farbridge and several more. Content experts are being engaged to provide additional advice in several areas. Click here to for interview transcripts and Wordles™.

July 2012
Convenors meeting: bringing together the multiple lenses.

August 2012
Community Consultation: bringing together voices from the community.

September 2012 
End of formal consultations. Identify directions, values, partners in the new school.

Fall 2012
Incorporate directions, address structural issues of new school, engage in shaping new curriculum, fellowships, research endeavours, etc.

January 2013
An open house was held on January 29th, 2013 to showcase the vision for the school for civil society and engagement. 62 members from the university and community attended the event, providing feedback on the progress and input for the proposal. Several posters outlining the process and progress to date are available here.

March 2013
A proposal for the School for Civil Society and Engagement is now complete.


Re-imagining the role of the university bottom arrow

Dialogue goals

  • Broaden and deepen our and thinking on the meaning of civil society
  • Explore the linkages between the universities and civil society sectors
  • Engage university and civil society constituents in a process of imagining how the University of Guelph can move in a direction of greater engagement

Building Blocks of Civil Society