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This Wordle™ was created from excerpts from the March 2012 interview Kerry Daly, Dean of the College of Social & Applied Human Sciences, University of Guelph. Let us know what your building blocks of a school for civil society would be.

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Several conversations and interviews have been documented to date and have been summarized above in Wordle™ format. More interview summaries to follow.

Alastair Summerlee, President, University of Guelph
discusses a paradigm shift that is absolutely necessary in the transformation of the undergraduate system…

Kerry Daly, Dean, College of Social & Applied Human Sciences
inspires us with the his vision of a “school of anti-complacency”…

Jacqueline Murray, Director First Year Seminar Program, Professor, Department of History
sees porousness, integration, multi-disciplinary systems and active student-centred learning…

Laurie Schnarr, Director, Student Life, University of Guelph
considers how the university can foster values around civic engagement and action for the common good…

Share your thoughts with us!

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Dialogue goals

  • Broaden and deepen our and thinking on the meaning of civil society
  • Explore the linkages between the universities and civil society sectors
  • Engage university and civil society constituents in a process of imagining how the University of Guelph can move in a direction of greater engagement

Building Blocks of Civil Society