Practitioner Provocateurs

working group

Convenors: Loretta Rose, Elizabeth Pinnington, Ricardo Ramirez, David Kupp


  • Collect and communicate collective insight in terms of perceived trends, in a continuum of fields and organizational contexts (from local, community development …  to international)
  • To be the change we talk about in terms of proposing approaches, spaces, events, relationships and/or systems and methods that we (or others like us) may be willing to be part of (possible roles for practitioners like us to take on as outsiders that build bridges for the program)


  • A brainstorm session/phase with a small group of Guelph-based local/international practitioners (the convenors) that have linkages with academia where we will brainstorm, name the issues, clarify our objectives, strategies, themes, timeline, expected outcomes, levels of effort, other to involve, draft method &media for our deliverable.
  • A data collection phase: possibly further brainstorming with a wider set of colleagues; in-depth interviews with key stakeholders (including students),  organizational reps that we feel are strategic; select focus groups; listservs. We will use participatory inquiry tools as needed. We will collect and review case studies and examples from our own collections and experiences. A Delhi-like process may be worth considering to narrow down our focus.

The following outputs and resources are available as PDFs on the left side-bar:

  • Objectives and Strategies
  • Final Report
Re-imagining the role of the university bottom arrow

Dialogue goals

  • Broaden and deepen our and thinking on the meaning of civil society
  • Explore the linkages between the universities and civil society sectors
  • Engage university and civil society constituents in a process of imagining how the University of Guelph can move in a direction of greater engagement

Building Blocks of Civil Society