Re-imagining the role of the university

Where we’ve been and where we are going

This process seeks to embody design thinking and an ‘innovation through understanding’ approach to problem solving. Learn about the “U Process”.


Test pilots
with stakeholders
Adapt and scale up
SFSCE Final Report
The final report for the School for Civil Society and Engagement was published in March 2013 and is available for download.
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Vision of the School for Civil Society & Engagement (open house)
In January 2013 an open house was held to showcase the vision for a new SfSCE
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Working Groups
A number of working groups have been launched as part of the consultation process
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Community Partner Consultation
Several community partners were engaged in the process in August 2012
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Presentation to University Executives
The Catalyst Team presented the results of the convenings to University executives in January
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Conversations and Interviews
Key individuals have provided their own vision for what a SFSC might look like
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U of G Integrated Plan
The University of Guelph releases the Integrated Plan, which includes the SFSC
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The Catalyst Team
Actively working to make the SFCS a reality.
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University of Guelph Press Release
The University announces the start of discussions for a school for civil society
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Project Overview
A very handy TWO page snapshot.
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Dialogue on Civil Society
Re-imagining the Role of the University

January 22, 2012
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Envisioning a School for Civil Society
Multi-stakeholder Conversation

December 8, 2011
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Catalyst Team

Review conversations to date.
Set process and communications.
Engage additional lead convenors.

to hear
from you …

Discuss emerging questions here


  • convene
  • research
  • learn
  • communicate

We are embarking on an exciting series of conversations to engage global and local civil society organizations and individuals as well as students, faculty and administrators in the academic community.

Rapid Prototyping

  • mechanisms
  • programs
  • structures

Engage Structure Group

set direction

Define structure, pedagogy,
partners, scope, values,
and stages.


Catalyst team and others collaborate to describe “the whole”.

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Dialogue goals

  • Broaden and deepen our and thinking on the meaning of civil society
  • Explore the linkages between the universities and civil society sectors
  • Engage university and civil society constituents in a process of imagining how the University of Guelph can move in a direction of greater engagement

Building Blocks of Civil Society